an antlered deer in shadowed woods

the wheel of the year turns ever forward; today marks a cross-quarter day, between an equinox and a solstice; where I live, it is Beltane today

the hilltop sings the music of green
the circle spins its unending dance

mossy stones stand tall and white
flowers spread where footsteps fall

come into the darkened glade
where trees contain an ancient place

sing your grace and joy and hope
blessings from the gods and spirits of then and now

today you dance into the woods
today it meets you there as always before

the hilltop sings of silver and earth
the circle spins through time and time

weave yourself into the pattern of the world
we are here with all of us today

— Phoenix Kelley, Beltane 2023

Blessings of growth and blessings of earth for you today. The wheel moves forward and we dance alongside it.

featured image is a photo by Philipp Pilz on Unsplash

Nix Kelley
Co-parent to multiple kids. Writer. Death doula. Member of the Order of the Good Death. Seeker on the Path of Light. Queer, non-binary, & trans.


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